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Golden Goddess Healing


I am a Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Shaman, Raindrop Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Lemurian Healer. Radhaa is also an Ordained Minister.

It is my Honor & Joy to Assist You on Your Healing Journey ~

Offering Distance Healing: Skype & Phone Sessions # 310-876-2143

If you’re ready to remove old belief systems that do not serve you, Theta healing is for You. Theta Healing aligns the unconscious and conscious mind by tapping into your brain’s Theta wavelengths. From this holistic place, old beliefs are released effortlessly. This powerful process has freed thousands from old ideas, past traumas, unwanted habits & feelings. Imagine the freedom you would experience if you were no longer haunted by the pain from the past.

I work with all aspects of your well being & my approach is very Holistic.

I clear Shock & Trauma, limiting beliefs, mental disturbances, negative or "stuck" energy, heartache & limiting fears.

Clearing these blocks allows you to move forward and attain the life you want.

To ensure you feel safe, everything expressed during our session is considered sacred and is held in confidence. It is my honor to assist you on your healing journey!